May 12
Oakes and Alder
2714 N 21st St.
Tacoma, WA


Yoga Festival

May 23-26, 2019

200 hour passion to purpose yoga teacher training

Seven Springs, TN with the Kula Collective

June 3-27, 2019

Bearing Witness

A Cacao Facilitated Retreat to See and Be Seen

January 11-18, 2020

Immerse yourself in yoga, meditation, camping, music,
nature, good food, and fellowship, at Terrapin Hill Farm in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Learn more at the festival site.

In the foothills of the oldest mountains in the world lies time and space for connection. The sacred stillness of this ancient world is the perfect place to become aware of the divine reflection within yourself. Step out of your daily life to find solace, and step back in strengthened with techniques to maintain balance and honor for that oneness that lies within and outside of you.

As summer begins to blossom in the mountains, rivers, and forests, it is a perfect time to align our intentions to find our balance. This 25-day journey provides the time and space to explore your Self, letting you emerge feeling supported, inspired and full of the breath of new beginnings, with a clear direction for following your passion and your purpose.

In addition to the core curriculum of yoga philosophy, energetic principles, and yoga asana (alignment, anatomy, and teaching), we will explore spiritual traditions from the South American Andean Quechua, Central American Mayan, and North American Cherokee and Lakota traditions. To connect with the land surrounding Seven Springs, we will practice hands-on workshops for making medicinal herbal remedies and natural products, collaborating with local healers from the Cherokee nation and traditional Appalachian naturopathy.

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Learn more by visiting the Kula Collective website

RETREAT FULL! Reach out to be added to the wait list as we are in the creation process for future retreats!

“Although the tale of human experience is certainly universal, it contains unique elements for each us and we continue the art of storytelling, both verbally and nonverbally, each and every day. While some stories are sweeter than others, all long for the benefit and necessity of a witness, for a witness assures us that our stories are heard, contained, and transcend time; for it can be said that one is never truly forgotten when one is shared and carried in the hearts of others.” - Michael Gregory

Over the course of 8 days we will deepen our skill and practice of compassionate curiosity, radical vulnerability, and radical honesty so that we may see and be seen by our partners, retreat space holders and fellow co-creator

Laughter YOGA

May 7, 7-8pm - Graham Pierce County Library