Welp. We are doing it. We recently got a van, are building it out and will soon be calling it home. We knew that we wanted to downsize, live simply, within our means and experience freedom from  all the "stuff", but we didn't know exactly what that would end up looking like. We are clear on our long term plan of being caretakers of land and creating sanctuary for people to experience rest, respite and restoration, and wanted to created space in our lives as that plan works itself out. So we began the process of letting go and allowing. Much was possible. Much IS possible. WWOOF, Work-away, simply traveling and allowing the winds to carry us. Van conversion has been a lively conversation since we met and this possibility continued to show up as we explored what we were being invited into. Our vehicles were not selling as easily as we hoped so we decided we would just go look at the van that we had scoped out a few weeks prior. The 2017 Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van was the one we knew we wanted if we ever did decide to step into #vanlife. Windows, extended length, high roof, completely gutted. And, as you see in the video, and read in the opening sentence of this post, we brought her home. 

We quickly noticed that every other person/cute couple who gets a van, converts it to a home and enters #vanlife has a blog and obsessively hashtags #vanlife we thought... we'd officially join the club. And since we are reading every website, Instagram feed and blog that shares the secret to being a digital nomad, (as a break from reading the heated debate about how to insulate your van) we figured, even if we don't get a single affiliate, sell memberships for information in our niche, or teach online yoga classes, at least a blog would serve as a digital journal. We do believe wholeheartedly in the power of storytelling. So this... this is part of our story. Please note, this is unedited. We will not worry about grammar, sweet drone shots, or looking like we know what we are doing... because we don't. Our goal is to be lifelong learners, students and humble recipients of the love and grace of spirit, the earth and our community. So forgive us for our hot-mess-ness, our fuck-ups and our failures and encourage us into our many bloopers and lessons. May they be gentle.

And can we say... HOLY SHIT. We have a YouTube Channel. That is wild! In order to upload a video it appeared we needed a channel. That may not be true and may not be a big deal for any other human in our generation but for Michelle, who can barely make a phone call on her technology, this feels like a big deal. ENJOY! We sure are!