The Morning Show

The rising sun emerging.

From ancient Maya volcanos towering above sacred Lake Atitlan.

From whale filled ocean waves of Maui.

From infinite rolling sand dunes of White Sands National Monument.

From red rock fins, arches and pinnacles of Moab.

From the wise Q’ero whispers of the Sacred Valley Apus.

From rising sulfur steam of Travertine Hot Springs.

From the Mexico valleys and rushing Colorado snow melt of the Rio Grande River.

And now.

From the tree filled window panes of “home” in Tacoma.

This is my morning show.

After 383 sunrises from the High Andes of Peru, the graffitied streets of Bogata, the aqua marine waters of Montego Bay, to the peaks and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains, the gator filled bayou, and the crisp baptism of Lake Superior, I settle in to wake day after day to the drizzle of the evergreen state.

This transition is more than I prepared myself for. From 90 square feet of “van life” to 4,500 square feet of historic home, “Inn Keeper Life,” I spend this morning pondering Cheryl Strays quote;

“Stop asking yourself what you want, what you desire, what interests you.

Ask yourself instead:

What has been given to me?


What do I have to give back?

Then give it!”

I weep with gratitude recognizing the infinite gifts I have been given. A journey that has afforded me experiences that people dream of. A life that has exceeded everything I have ever wanted, desired or been interested in. Struggles that have turned to strengths. Movement that has slowed to stillness. Noise that has quieted to peace. Imprisonment that has resulted in liberation. Fear that has evolved to freedom.

And Morning shows that even National Geographic photographers couldn’t capture the radiance.

My life is full. With every sunrise and sunset, and all the space in between, my eyes and heart are wide open with the truest experience of awe and wonder. So, as I gaze out these windows, these 115 year old eyes that have been watching the growth of the Oaks and Alders, and Maples and Hemlocks and Poplars, I wonder, what do they see as they are watching me? They are my morning show. And I am theirs.

Just as the rising sun emerging.

I am ready. I am radiating. I am fire ignited.

Just as the wise old trees outside of my windows.

I am grounding. Rooting down. Rising up.

I will continue to recognize what has been given.

I will continue to ask, “what do I have to give back?”

I will continue to give it.

And, regardless of where I am on this miraculous planet, be it the coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico, the vortexes of Sedona or rain soaked land of the PNW, I will wake each day with the truest sense of awe and wonder, wide eyed and open hearted, and ready,

For the morning show.

Sunrise at Travertine Hot Springs with my Beloved

Sunrise at Travertine Hot Springs with my Beloved